Accounting and Legal Aspects regarding the Online Romanian Crowdfunding Platforms` Operations


  • Cristina Nicolaescu Faculty of Economics, "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad
  • Diana Tăgăduan Faculty of Economics “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, Romania
  • Delia David Faculty of Economics ”Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad, Romania


crowdfunding, online platform, accounting aspects.


The present paper aims to detail the law and the accounting aspects related to the platforms of participative funding running. Even if, the crowdfunding, as a funding method, is internationally used more and more often and for a certain period of time, it represents a new concept in Romania. In principle, the crowd funding or the participative funding, as the term has been assumed in Romania, represents the funding of a project elaborated by an individual or by a legal entity, by any interested person. The operations unfold using online platforms, which connect the investors and the projects’ developers, requesting a commission in exchange for this service.


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