Small Scale Industries and Poverty Reduction in Ondo State, Nigeria


  • Afolabi Francis Fatusin Department of Geography and Planning Sciences Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State


Ondo State of Nigeria is part of the National Millennium Goal of halving poverty by the year 2015. This paper examines the contribution of small scale industrial enterprises toward achieving this goal, relying on questionnaire which was administered on 353 proprietors and 706 workers randomly. Data were also collected from government agencies and organizations that were responsible for formulating and implementing policies on these categories of industrial establishments. These were analyzed using descriptive means. The study discovered substantial contribution of these enterprises to improvement in income, job creation and linkage with other enterprises, factors necessary for poverty reduction. It was also discovered that even the least proprietor earns an average of $2.8 per day (apart from profits which are mostly saved in cooperative societies and age grade associations) which is above poverty line. It also discovered a bias toward Ondo Central which is the most cosmopolitan region in the state in terms of the magnitude of these impacts at reducing poverty. The study concluded by recommending improved support by the government to grow the sector to further reduce poverty in the state.


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