The Branding of Sugarcane Juice in India


  • Rajendra Sinha Jhunjhunwala Business School
  • Ashish Kumar Mishra Jhunjhunwala Business School
  • Harish Kumar Singh Jhunjhunwala Business School


Sugarcane juice is traditionally sold in India by roadside vendors, often in unhygienic conditions. That’s why a few entrepreneurs have taken the initiative venturing into the marketing of branded sugarcane juice through a chain of franchised outlets. Initial indications are that this model is headed for success. Pune, Kolhapur, more known for its leather chappals, has also been blessed with an abundance of milk, water and sugar, which has made the region the nation's kitchen for many years. The Warana milk producers' cooperative located here has lived up to this reputation. It has been a contract manufacturer for products such as Cadbury's Bournvita, butter for Britannia Industries and Soya milk for Ruchi Soya. Now, the cooperative is preparing to assert its own identity through the launch of Warana Joy, its national brand. Among its new products is sugarcane juice in aseptic packs (Tetra Pak).
This article outlines the development of this business; the opportunities and threats faced and also offer suggestions for the growth in this market.


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