A Theoretical Analysis on measuring the Quality Disclosure of the Economic Financial Information


  • Ioana Mot Faculty of Economics and Business Administration West University of TimiÅŸoara, Romania


In the current economic context, disclosure
quality (DQ) became a decisive factor in
communication policies of the entities, playing a
fundamental role in the economic growth and
the efficient functioning of entities on the
market, and especially in creating or destroying
the competitive advantage they hold.
Many authors place the accounting information
in the perimeter of the objectivity and the
accuracy, which is essential in making economic
decisions by the leadership. Thus, in support of
decision-makers, accountants apply professional
judgment (judgment of International Financial
Reporting Standards), taking decisions in terms
of the use of accounting treatments to achieve a
quality of financial reporting information.
The objective of this paper is to analyze the DQ
measurement of economic-financial information,
considering the debate existing today on this
issue, especially as we note that the accounting
information can be the best friend of actual and
potential investors if it’s used properly.