A Simplified Architecture of Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Logic Controller for Fuzzy Model of Double Inverted Pendulums

  • Hodeiseh Gordan Islamic Azad University, Gonabad Branch
  • Assef Zare Islamic Azad University, Gonabad Branch
  • Saeed Balochian Islamic Azad University, Gonabad Branch
Keywords: Fuzzy control systems, simplified type-2 fuzzy logic system, double inverted pendulums


This paper proposes a novel inference mechanism for an interval type-2 Takagi-Sugeno-Kang fuzzy logic control system (IT2 TSK FLCS). This paper focuses on control applications for case both plant and controller use A2-C0 TSK models. The defuzzified output of the T2FLS is then obtained by averaging the defuzzified outputs of the resultant four embedded T1FLSs in order to reduce the computational burden of T2 TSK FS. A simplified T2 TSK FS based on a hybrid structure of four type-1 fuzzy systems (T1 TSK FS). A simulation example is presented to show the effectiveness of this method.


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