Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

Concurrent/Duplicate/Multiple Submission


Papers are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has been neither submitted to, nor published in, another journal or conference. If it is determined that a paper has already appeared in any other publication before the editorial process at TAMCS is completed, the paper will be  REJECTED.

The members of Editorial Board are agreeing to the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) principle.

In our journal plagiarism is not tolerated.  Therefore, all manuscripts submitted will be checked for plagiarism (copying text or results from other sources) and self-plagiarism (duplicating substantial parts of authors' own published work without giving the appropriate references).  Papers proved to be a case of plagiarism will be rejected and their authors banned to submit to our journal any other future paper.

Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not actively under consideration for publication with other journals. The authors must submission the manuscript together with a signed COVERING LETTER.

Once the paper is accepted, authors are assumed to cede copyrights of the papers over to our Publishing House by a signed Copyright Form.

The papers appearing in Theory and Applications of Mathematics & Computer Science journal are normally original contributions that have not been published elsewhere. Widely disseminated conference proceedings, technical report and newsletters are a form of publication, although they are usually only semiarchival and often unrefereed. Publication, or republication, of a (perhaps revised) paper that has been widely disseminated is permitted only if the editor judges that (a) the revision contains significant amplification or clarification of the original material or (b) there is a significant additional benefit to be gained from journal publication. In either case, prior appearance should be noted on the title page of the paper.

Submission of manuscripts implies that the manuscripts are in their final form.

There will be no page charge for the journal. A free pdf version will be given by e-mail to the corresponding author for each published paper.


Guidelines for Peer Reviewers (from COPE)

“Peer reviewers should: