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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

Department of Communication and Assurance of Transparency

Rules of Organizing and Functioning the Department of Communication and Assurance of Transparency

Substantiation Note

Taking into account:

  1. the proper benefit and mission taken upon ourselves through the University Charta and other own documents of the “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad (AVUA)
  2. the necessity and opportunity of promoting a right image of the AVUA on the ground of the transparency principle of public benefit information and of information useful to the target public 
  3. provisions of Law no.544/2001, regarding the free access to public benefit information and benefit of civil society in the assessment and grading of public universities on basis of academic and administrative integrity 
  4. the special stress, Law no.1/2011 – National Education Law- puts on transparency and assurement of full visibility of the Romania’s education institution decisions and results, through their periodical and proper communication 
  5. assessment paradigm by quality assessment bodies, from home and abroad, in order to make an institutional classification and grading of the educational plans and departments, paradigm based on direct and long distance access to information regarding the fulfillment of their mission

Chapter 1. Founding, functioning, subordinating, mission and targets

Article 1. Founding, functioning, subordinating

  1. Department of Communication and Assurance of Transparency (DCAT) of the“Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad (AVUA) is founded on the base of AVUA Senate Decision no.84 of 10 June 2011
  2. DCAT functions on Law no.544/2001, regarding the free access to public benefit information of and transparency principle, stipulated by Art.3, letter  of Law no.1/2011- National Education Law
  3. DCAT is directly subordinated to the AVUA Rector’s Office which asks the senate to name the Department manager

Article 2. Mission

Department’s mission is to promote the AVUA assuring transparency and full visibility of mission, decision and results of the university and its units(faculties, departments, institutes, research centers and so on), having in view the own community( students, graduates, employees
of faculties, departments, administrative and economic services), and environmental public (potential students, parents, the coordinating ministry and its executive and consultative bodies, quality assessment bodies, institutional partners, civil society, local, regional, national and international community)

Article 3. General targets

  1.  DCAT will present the AVUA image on correct and up dated information both within the academic community and between inner and outer partners, home and foreign public.
  2. DCAT will present the AVUA image, using a coherent and functional communication system, both on the intra-structural level and inter-institutional one
  3. DCAT will keep a direct and continuous contact and dialogue with students, potential students, other institutes and civil society, assuring access to public benefit information, foreseen by Law no.544/2001, but also to other information useful to those interested in it. 
  4. DCAT will give special attention to a correct and complete presentation of the information, on the web page, both in Romanian and English, in order to facilitate the knowledge of the AVUA research potential and educational offer to the potential students, from home and abroad, but also to the quality assessment bodies for a correct grading of the universities and their own study programmes. 
  5. in the public communication activity, DCAT will take measures to obey Law no.677/2001, for the persons’ protection regarding the processing of personal character data and free circulation of data as well as CAN Decision no.80/2002 regarding the human dignity protection and the right to own image.

Article 4. Specific targets

  1. Having in view the fact that AVUA promotes a university focused on student, the students are considered equal partners of the AVUA academic community. DCAT will create conditions for achieving a permanent and efficient feed back from students and student organizations.
  2. DCAT will struggle for a correct inter action with other high education institutions, promoting mutual cooperation connections. Even if, with some of them, it has no cooperation connections, it will struggle for a relationship based on mutual respect and fair academic competition.
  3. DCAT will support the intensifying cooperation with local and national media. DCAT will develop a pro-active attitude for establishing honest and correct relations with media, asking for rights to reply, if there are media attempts of compromising the AVUA image by information manipulation, for example false, reduced or taken out of context information. 
  4. DCAT will act for student number increasing from Romania and abroad, using specific means and disseminating information to the target public.  
  5. DCAT will diversify the working tools in order to achieve a policy fit for promoting a positive image and a permanent communication; newspapers, radio, TV, web page, newsletter and so on.
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